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Our team at Beauty Beneath can restore any and all types of wooden flooring or worktop, at any size or state of disrepair. Even in the very worst cases of deterioration, our team will ensure that your wooden floor or work top is restored to its former glory.

Floor Sanding Warrington

Our wood floor sanding service is second to none in quality. You can expect only the finest quality service and products when you hire us to restore your wooden flooring. We are often called by people to repair wooden floors that have been restored by unqualified or unprofessional sanders. The results are far from acceptable, and understandably, customers are left unsatisfied and upset. Our clients can be assured that by hiring Beauty Beneath, you are receiving a high quality, professional service. We will never leave a job until our customers are fully content with the results. We listen to our customers and advise accordingly. Our team will never recommend an unnecessary service and will work with you tirelessly to create beautiful flooring for you and your home.

Your interior design needs to begin from a beautiful base. By choosing to bring out the natural beauty in your wooden flooring, your home will be elevated to a new level of refinement and charm. We restore and relay both broken and damaged wooden flooring and worktops.  The finest decor and furnishings will help your house feel like a home. By choosing us to carry out a wooden floor restoration, you can feel relaxed in the knowledge that it is in expert hands.

We use only the best equipment and highest quality stains, oils and lacquers to finish our projects and seal your newly restored wooden floor. Our sanders and machines have exceptional dust containment and cause minimal disruption. They are sourced from the highest quality international suppliers.  Our oils, stains and lacquers are exclusive.  We only use 2 specialty suppliers from Germany, The Netherlands.  This gives our floors very unique characteristics.  On occasion we use our skills and experience to blend stains for the client to give them a bespoke custom colour made to their tastes.

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Longevity is a crucial element of restoration. Our team will work with you to establish the right type of finish that will maintain your newly restored flooring or worktop. We are dedicated to maintaining the beauty of your wooden flooring, and will ensure that we help you to choose the best option for you and your floor. 

After a detailed consultation, our team will begin preparing your floors for installation or restoration. The floor will be thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned, ensuring that any grime or dirt is removed. We will then use a variety of different types of high-grade sandpapers, that are supplied by an industry leading company in the USA.  When our qualified team are happy that the wood is ready, a specialist oil and lacquer is applied to maintain the beautiful new centrepiece of your room.

Floor Sanding Warrington
Floor Sanding Warrington